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Sequential shift light

New!! OLED Black or
BLUE edition

SL15 BLUE sequential shift light
OBD2 Bluetooth RGT SL35
OBD2 Bluetooth RGT SL45

New!! Bluetooth

New!! Includes coolant gauge and alarm + speedometer

SL45 shift light coolant alarm
International shipping available!
Sequential shift light video
Sequential shift light - digital tachometer

The RGT SL10 is a sequential shift light system which includes a LED digital display tachometer. The SL10 is easily mounted on your dashboard to give you a visual indication of the optimum point at which to change gear whilst racing.

Unlike conventional shift lights, which require you to rev your engine in order to program the point at which you want the light to come on, the SL10 can be set up without starting the engine. The built in display enables you to program the shift point more accurately than just using your rev counter.


At the touch of a button, can easily configure and memorize shift point, number of cylinders, digital display brightness, LED brightness and LED scrolling mode.

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